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Ping Fitting Day at Knole Park

Wednesday 31st July 2-6pm

PING, one of the top brands in golf, has recently released the latest in its impressive G Range. The G410 Woods, Irons & Hybrids are designed with custom fitting in mind to help you achieve your best game possible.

Call into the Pro Shop for a chat about the PING range of clubs or to arrange a FREE CUSTOM FITTING.

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G410 Iron 

PING engineers have developed a clean, highly appealing design, with less offset and a significantly higher MOI, creating the most forgiving iron of its size. You can expect faster ball speeds, maximum forgiveness and amazing feel, with an inspiring blade-iron-style appearance – all the attributes golfers need to hit their shots higher, further and straighter. If you thought the G410 iron was only for game-improvement players, it’s time for a re-think.

Available in: 4-9, PW, UW, SW, LW


G410 Driver 

Significant advancements in custom fitting, while delivering golfers the highest MOI’s and ball speeds available, highlight the new PING G410 Plus and G410 SFT drivers.

In the G410 Plus model, three positions (Draw, Neutral, Fade) for the ultra-high-density tungsten back weight shift the centre of gravity (CG) location by 1/10" in each direction from neutral to influence left or right shot direction by approximately 10 yards (20 yards of correction between Draw and Fade settings). By positioning the weight on the extreme boundary of the clubhead, the MOI increases compared to the original G400 driver – ensuring golfers enjoy the added distance and forgiveness required to hit their tee shots longer and straighter.

The G410 SFT (Straight Flight Technology) model is engineered with a fixed ultra-high-density tungsten weight positioned on the clubhead’s extreme perimeter and 50% more heel-side CG than its predecessor to ensure straighter ball flights. A lighter swing-weight (D1) further influences direction by helping square the face at impact.

G410 PLUS Lofts: 9⁰, 10.5⁰, 12⁰
G410 SFT Lofts: 10.5⁰
Loft adjustability on PLUS and SFT: 8-setting trajectory tuning hosel – +-1.5⁰


G410 Fairway Woods

Powered by a forged, maraging-steel face, the G410 fairway woods are engineered to launch the ball easily and deliver faster ball speeds on a penetrating trajectory that maximises distance. PING engineers positioned the low-back CG slightly forward of the G400 model to deliver more energy from the shallower face, while providing greater stability. Eight fitting positions in the new lightweight, aerodynamic hosel sleeve enable golfers to tune their trajectories through loft and lie adjustments. Three models (Std., SFT and LST) ensure an option to fit every golfer.

Lofts: 3W (14.5⁰), 5W (17.5⁰), 7W (20.5⁰), 9W (23.5⁰), 3 LST (14.5⁰), 3 SFT (16⁰), 5 SFT (19⁰), 7 SFT (22⁰)
Loft adjustability: 5 settings: +-1.5⁰ (0, +1⁰, +1.5⁰, -1⁰, -1.5⁰)
Lie angles: 3 (56°), 5 (56.5°), 7 (57°), 9 (57.5°), 3 LST (56°), 3 SFT (56°), 5 SFT (56.5°), 7 SFT (57°)
Lie adjustability: Up to 3⁰ flat

G410 Hybrids

Our first-ever adjustable hybrid allows golfers to customise their ball flight eight different ways through loft (+- 1.5˚) and lie combinations for consistently better results. Thinner and more flexible, the maraging-steel face generates faster ball speeds and higher launch. A larger profile and high-density back weight provide added stability and elevate MOI for more forgiveness. 

Lofts: 2H (17⁰), 3H (19⁰), 4H (22⁰), 5H (26⁰), 6H (30⁰)
Loft adjustability: 5 settings: +-1.5⁰ (0, +1⁰, +1.5⁰, -1⁰, -1.5⁰)
Lie angles: 2H (58⁰), 3H (58.5⁰), 4H (59⁰), 5H (59.5⁰), 6H (60⁰)
Lie adjustability: Up to 3⁰ flat

G410 Crossovers

With a thin, maraging steel face for faster ball speeds and a 30-gram dual-density tungsten toe weight to increase the MOI, the G410 Crossover combines the precision and control of an iron with the speed and forgiveness of a hybrid. The G410 design is significantly shorter heel to toe and narrower in the sole than the G400. Available in 2, 3 and 4, the stainless-steel head sets up square and offers a clean, premium look with the gearing properties of an iron to allow precision shot making. To ensure a solid feel and sound, the internal ribs are engineered to help stiffen the clubhead body.

Lofts: 2 (17⁰), 3 (20⁰), 4 (23⁰)